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Revyrie – ˈrev(ə)rē – To daydream


Revyrie is a full service e-merging technologies firm dedicated to launching startups into high-impact businesses that deliver visionary technologies and products.

Revyrie integrates with core areas of the startup: from development to growth strategy and operations.  We become part of the team – building the technology and providing hands-on business support to actively grow companies from idea to launch to scale up and beyond. 

Our leadership is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, executives, advisors, and investors who serve as both “coaches” and “players” in guiding companies to success and providing access to a rich network of investors, operational resources, and strategic partners.   We have 60 developers on staff, empowering companies to build quickly and at a considerably low cost with dedicated, embedded resources.


We are not an incubator or a development shop.  We are 360-degree long-term partners that expedite buildout and minimize friction at the most critical stages of business development, allowing companies to focus on the things that are most important to their success.  Our incentives and focus are aligned so that we succeed as our companies do.


Since 2015, we have had the privilege to partner with and build companies, spanning Enterprise / B2B, Commerce, Logistics, Marketplace, Healthcare, Entertainment, Transportation, FinTech, Consumer, Travel, and other spaces.

Our Team

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Founder / CEO

Dan started in the technology industry at a young age. Launching a web design and IT consulting firm while in High School. His accelerator Revyrie has helped propel several companies from capital raise to acquisition. An entrepreneur who assists start ups across business, tech, through a successful launch and exit strategy. Revyrie’s portfolio includes LuvIt, Chariot, Fanattac, BookTrack, and the recently acquired Curby. When not behind a computer Dan can be seen bicycling around the streets of Hollywood, Santa Monica, and training for his next Powder Puff game.


Managing Director

Aydin is a seasoned startup executive, angel investor, and advisor, who is passionate about incubating and scaling tech-enabled companies. He leads growth, strategy, operations, and finance with B2B and B2C businesses. Aydin was COO/CFO of BIM, a leading payments platform. Previously, he was a Principal at Marakon management consulting, where he specialized in building new businesses and in turnarounds of Fortune 100 companies. Aydin holds a BSE from Duke and an MBA from Wharton. He is an enthusiastic idea generator, a creative designer, an improv performer, a rugby player, and a world traveler who has visited over 60 countries.


Head of Global Operations

Tina is a science geek turned tech enthusiast.  She is responsible for Revyrie’s offshore delivery and operations facility.  Before Revyrie, she has held leadership roles across a number of organizations where she was instrumental in setting up technology Centres of Excellence, setting performance expectations, improving processes maturity and evaluating outcomes. She’s worked with a several Fortune 500s including Nike, Discover and Adobe.  Tina is a speaker at various tech and entrepreneur events, with a focus on supporting women-led startups.  Manager of Revyrie’s expanding facility offshore


Brand Partnerships

A University of Connecticut graduate Cory Andersen comes with an expansive knowledge of the brand and entertainment space, from live events to brand activations. He started his career at CBS Radio in Connecticut, before venturing to Los Angeles and working with artists like Nick Jonas, Gavin DeGraw, MAGIC!, and more.



Kevin is VP of Artist and Industry Relations for Smule, the world’s largest musical app developer. As such, he oversees Smule’s relationships with labels, publishers, and artists. Kevin previously led licensing initiatives for Hertz, Lichtenstein & Young LLP, where he worked on projects ranging from celebrity endorsements and tour sponsorships to sync licenses covering the use of music in commercials, marketing campaigns, and merchandise. Kevin began his career at EMI Music during which time he oversaw all video game, new media, and merchandise licensing for the EMI family of record labels and artists.


Blockchain / Crypto

Nathanial is a musician and has been an LA resident for 15 years. He worked at OPEX Corp for nine years in the industrial automation and payment processing field. He left in 2012 to focus on peer to peer applications, decentralized open source protocols, smart contracts, automated trading dev and cryptofinance. As a very early adopter of crypto currencies, specifically bitcoin, he continues to closely follow the rapidly evolving innovations in blockchain technology.

Incubation Done Right


We’re a team of startup veterans – C-level execs, advisors, and investors across multiple verticals – supported by an in-house team of 60 fantastic developers. We know what it takes to incubate and accelerate a company to profitability. As long term partners embedded in our businesses, we focus our attention on high-value priorities that keep our companies on track, hitting milestones, and generating revenue

Business Development 100%
Tech Development 100%
Operations 100%
Growth Strategy 100%
Investor Relations 100%
Partnerships 100%
Finance 100%

We support incredible tech-enabled business spanning Enterprise, Consumer, Commerce, and Other Spaces

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Have the next great idea? Need to turn your prototype into a business? Want to bolster your tech and team? We’d like to hear from you. Drop us a line and let’s see if we can help you build, launch, and scale!

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