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Revyrie – ˈrev(ə)rē – To daydream


Revyrie is a full services e-merging technologies firm dedicated to launching startups into self-sustaining businesses; and pushing developed startups into profitable enterprises. Our mission is to empower startups to deliver visionary technologies and products which improve how we live and enjoy our lives.

Revyrie integrates itself with each aspect of the startup: from its tech build-out to finding unique verticals. We are able to build technology for less than what the entrepreneur is typically able to, and also create a motivated team and experienced advisory board to guide the startup to a fiduciary event.

We are not an incubator. We are a 360-degree company: An incubator handles the ancillary day-to-day logistics of a startup by furnishing office space and providing a shared CFO. This is to ostensibly allow the founders to focus on their business. Incubators remain separate and distinct from the startups they service; Revyrie immerses itself completely into each aspect of our clients’ businesses. We work with each member of the startup’s team not as landlords, or even outside consultants, but as indistinguishable from the startups we guide. Incubators, from their safe vantage point on the periphery, watch startups struggle—a position that is antithetical to motivation; we become part of the startups we work with and succeed with them—a mindset that is policy at Revyrie.

At Revyrie’s core is its ability to expedite ideas—tech-based or not—into formidable companies. We set the tempo and push the founders to keep pace.

Our Team

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Founder / CEO

Dan started in the technology industry at a young age. Launching a web design and IT consulting firm while in High School. His accelerator Revyrie has helped propel several companies from capital raise to acquisition. An entrepreneur who assists start ups across business, tech, through a successful launch and exit strategy. Revyrie’s portfolio includes LuvIt, Chariot, Fanattac, BookTrack, and the recently acquired Curby. When not behind a computer Dan can be seen bicycling around the streets of Hollywood, Santa Monica, and training for his next Powder Puff game.



Gregg has worked at Fortune 500 companies like Sony Music, and was part of the sale of Streaming music site Spinner.com to AOL in 2000. He then ran AOL music creating AOL Studios with show’s like Sessions hosted by Music Taste makers like Chris Douridas. He then went on to from a Digital Agency called Petrol Designs and worked on AOL Instant Messenger, and some of the 1st Facebook Apps. He was a part of the team that created the 1st ever live streaming app for the Coachella Music Festival.

He has spoken at many industry trade shows and most recently sold a Mobile App company he co-founded “Fitness Mobile Apps’ to MINDBODY INC, a publicly traded company.

Reed Van Rozeboom


Partner / Product & Project Manager

Reed is a seasoned tech entrepreneur who has worked in the space for over 20 years.  He started his tech career in the Bay Area working Netcentives, working in both the Database Administration and Application Support sections of the company.   In the early 2000’s Reed co-founded Petrol Designs, a boutique User Interface design company with Gregg Alexander.  There, he worked with many Fortune 500 companies, working on a wide variety of products for various advertising campaigns.  In 2012, he co-founded Fitness Mobile Apps and actively ran the Product Management, Information Technology, Creative, and Support teams.  In 2015, Reed and Gregg sold Fitness Mobile Apps to MINDBODY, Inc, the world’s largest Health & Wellness software company.  As part of the acquisition, Reed worked as a Senior Product Manager at MINDBODY for 2 years, leading the product integration and expanding the feature-set of the custom mobile app product offering.


Head of Global Operations

Tina is a science geek turned tech enthusiast.  She is responsible for Revyrie’s offshore delivery and operations facility.  Before Revyrie, she has held leadership roles across a number of organizations where she was instrumental in setting up technology Centres of Excellence, setting performance expectations, improving processes maturity and evaluating outcomes. She’s worked with a several Fortune 500s including Nike, Discover and Adobe.  Tina is a speaker at various tech and entrepreneur events, with a focus on supporting women-led startups.  
Manager of Revyrie’s expanding facility offshore


Brand Partnerships

A University of Connecticut graduate Cory Andersen comes with an expansive knowledge of the brand and entertainment space, from live events to brand activations. He started his career at CBS Radio in Connecticut, before venturing to Los Angeles and working with artists like Nick Jonas, Gavin DeGraw, MAGIC!, and more.



Kevin is VP of Artist and Industry Relations for Smule, the world’s largest musical app developer. As such, he oversees Smule’s relationships with labels, publishers, and artists. Kevin previously led licensing initiatives for Hertz, Lichtenstein & Young LLP, where he worked on projects ranging from celebrity endorsements and tour sponsorships to sync licenses covering the use of music in commercials, marketing campaigns, and merchandise. Kevin began his career at EMI Music during which time he oversaw all video game, new media, and merchandise licensing for the EMI family of record labels and artists.

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We’re a team of industry veterans, from C-level positions, to advisors across multiple verticals. We know what it takes to incubate and accelerate a company to profitability. Keeping it on track, hitting milestones, and generating revenue.

Business Development 95%
Tech Development 95%
Investor Relations 95%
Partnerships 95%

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Have the next great idea? We’d like to hear about it. Feel free to drop us a line. Someone from our team will take a look and get back to you if we’re interested.

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