BOOKTRACK: Imagine Dragons + Hugh Howey Collaboration

Revyrie is excited to announce an innovative project for Booktrack — a collaboration between Imagine Dragons & sci-fi author, Hugh Howey.


What happens when you combine one of the coolest rock bands with one of our coolest authors? Just the best synchronized movie-style soundtrack that you ever read an eBook to! Revyrie is excited to announce an innovative project for Booktrack – a collaboration between Imagine Dragons & sci-fi author, Hugh Howey.

Yes, our awesome reading friends, today we let the cat out of the bag about our collaboration with Imagine Dragons, and critically-acclaimed sci-fi author, Hugh Howey. This cross-category innovation incorporates music by Imagine Dragons into Howey’s Beacon 23, bringing the story to life in an immersive, one-of-a-kind soundtrack experience for readers.

So when you download Hugh Howey’s Beacon 23 you better grab your headphones because you’ll get to experience a movie-style soundtrack that includes instrumental and lyrical versions of some of your fave Imagine Dragons’ songs, Radioactive, Demons, Shots, Dream and Second Chances.

Hugh Howey himself is pretty jazzed about this. Here’s what he had to say:

“As a huge fan of Imagine Dragons and their work, this has been a dream collaboration for me. Before Booktrack came along, the best I could possibly hope for is to hear Radioactive play during the credits of a film adaptation. I never in a million years imagined a soundtrack designed to augment one of my novels, but Imagine Dragons and Booktrack made that possible.”

Booktrack’s team pairs artist’s music with selected sections of an eBook by analyzing tone, mood and emotion of text in order to create a perfect match that when combined, offers a truly integrated literary experience.

The program also provides a new method for music artists and authors to engage with their fans, as well as drive additional revenue by featuring five to six songs per designated book.

Our CEO, Paul Cameron, adds:

“For the first time Imagine Dragon fans can experience their favorite music in a new way as they read the sci-fi novel, Beacon 23, by Best Selling author Hugh Howey. We quickly realized that our technology creates the opportunity for musical artists and authors to collaborate in an entirely new way by pairing music with eBooks that benefits the fans of both music and reading. The Booktrack Imagine Dragons & Hugh Howey collaboration is the first example of how we think eBook soundtracks will bring a large audience of new and engaged readers by tapping into fans of both hit artists and popular authors.”