Open Sweat in E! News

Open Sweat in E! News

8 Celeb Workouts That’ll Inspire You to Start the New Year Right

by Diana Nguyen & Raleigh Burgan – E! News


You want a hot body?


Listen to the wise words of one Ms. Britney Spears and “work b*tch.”


Why do you think celebs always look so fit and fabulous? They dedicate a good chunk of time to working out. Of course, one routine does not fit all. Even stars have their favorite fitness classes. With the help of our friends over at Open Sweat, an app that lets you book discount workout classes (think: the new Class Pass), we’ve rounded up Hollywood’s go-to sweat spots.If that workout doesn’t get your heart rate up, maybe some celeb spotting will.


Who: Sarah Hyland, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens
Where: AIR Aerial Fitness Los Angeles
What: OK, so you may be suspended a couple feet up in the air, but with the help of gravity and ropes, you’ll be able to bend, twist and, most importantly, stretch your body in all sorts of directions. It can look a little intimidating. especially from Jamie’s Instagram snap, but it takes practice and breathing—just like yoga…but in the air.
Why: Talk about elevating your core. You build strength in pretty much every part of your body, but especially your center, as balance is needed to suspend gracefully at that height.
Who: Kate Hudson, Olivia Wilde, Renée Zellweger
Where: Yas Fitness
What: The idea is pretty simple: It’s one-part spinning (30 minutes) and one-part yoga (30 minutes) combined into one stellar 60-minute workout class.
Why: Cardio? Check. Stretching and core building? Check, check. Need we say more?
Who:Hilary SwankDavid Duchovny
Where:Kinetic Cycling
What: SoulCycle isn’t the only name in the indoor cycling game. A-listers often flock to this Brentwood location to tap it back.
Why: Unlike other spinning studios, Kinetic is all about harnessing good energy and using it to enhance your ride, whether you’re trying to get fit, boost energy or just get your heart rate up.
Who: Whitney Port,Taylor Swift , Karlie Kloss, Victoria’s Secret models
Where: ModelFit
What: The fitness program beloved by NYC-based supermodels has just arrived to the City of Stars. This workout incorporates a mix of Pilates, yoga, balance, stability, strength training and a holistic approach to fitness. We give you a full run-down of the workout here.
Why: These classes are all about getting lean, not mean, muscle definition.
Who: Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Garner, Lea Michele
Where: Body by Simone
What: These dance classes will kick your butt. Simone’s unique exercise classes use equipment like trampolines to give you a full-body workout.
Why: Why wouldn’t you want to have fun while you work out?
Who: Demi Lovato, Oprah, Diplo, Skrillex
Where: SoulCycle
What: Indoor cycling with an uplifting twist. While you’re working hard on the bike, your instructor’s yelling inspirational words of wisdom at you.
Why: Not only is it an incredible workout, but it’s also incredibly empowering. Needing an emotion and physical boost? This is where it’s at.
Who: Bradley Cooper, Hilary Duff, Nina Dobrev
Where: Rise Nation
What: Fitness climbing! But what is that? You’re on a machine called a climber that works your arms, legs and core all at the same damn time.
Why: It creates a better balanced and functioning body because of the movements.
Who: Khloe Kardashian, Darren Criss, Carrie Underwood
Where: Barry’s Bootcamp
What: A strength and cardio interval workout that’s no joke. It’s an immersive, high-energy workout that will have you sweating immediately.
Why: You can burn 1,000 calories in just one hour. That’s why.